Sunday, November 8, 2009


everyday, u know i need my ciggie
coz without it my days would be shitty
i walk all the way to 7-e
and i purchase a box of marlies
every month, i always miss my rent
coz my wallet's in a dent
from those boxes of kent
you know i am a fan
coz kent is my friend
hey fren, i think u gotta listen
let me give u a lesson
from ur two friends, hedges and benson
if they be hating then ignore them all
coz all the cool kids hangs at pall mall
u think u're so cool with all those hair gel
but when they see u smoking SKL
then hey, u wont ring their bell

if you cough, and there's darah
u know u shud cut down on those nusantara
you know you need to try, that sampoerna
throw away that Saat, mmg tak guna

even if my wallet is tight
i wont feel right
if i dun have, my dunhill lights,
and when im in the bed
you know i wud dread
if i dun have a stick of dunhill red,
i wud buy it in a tin
for my dose of nicotine
i feel like a king
and that's wat i think

if u think that we're lame
then fuck off, go smoke that salem
coz you know we got soul,
like a stick of, dji sam soe

i think we ain't gonna live any longer,
even if we do..we just cant keep "IT" stronger
if we stop cravin on those ciggie, nigga
its time to light up a cuban cigar

buds is better with all ur bros
we can shisha too, just chip in the dough
i know u guys may be thinkin that we're so bodoh,
dude, go get some life, get some marlboro
its vish and dato' we gotta go,
but we believe that we had hit the show
its all "god's grace" that gave us the flow

-dato' fazly and vishnu

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