Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dream Diary, January 12th

At a strange car wiper factory, a thug was inspecting and harassing the workers. There is a man around carrying a large scale CD for some reason. On a table nearby the Caucasian man, a 70's pimp looking gangsta and her girl was having a conversation on a table nearby.

The thug finally heads to an aged Caucasian worker and asked him to rap for his dear life while i was standing next to the worker (I am also a factory worker in the dream).

The Caucasian man was scared to his life as he claimed that he was never into rap and thus unable to complete his request. The thug forced him continuously with a gun aimed at him and finally the Caucasian man claims that he can "only do this", afterwards he beatboxed to the beat of Rapper's Delight by the Sugarhill Gang (the bass line) and proceeded to rapping the lyrics of the song (as the beat and music continues somehow).

The thug felt amused. Then suddenly realised that the man was lying to him. The song, as everyone in the factory dances and enjoys the music, it continues until the dream ends.

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